25 May 2021 ADA Price Analysis


Cardano (ADA) gained less value than XRP with a 4% price increase.

ADA / USD chart
Source: TradingView

Cardano (ADA) is fixed at $ 1.33 above the support and is gaining strength for a possible rise to the lower trading volume. In this case, if the bulls continue to control the situation, the altcoin could reach the $ 1.79 resistance level by the weekend.

ADA is trading at $ 1.56 at the time of writing.


Yesterday, buyers managed to overcome the $ 36,000 resistance level and consolidated above the $ 37,150 level. In the late evening, growth continued until the three-hour EMA55.

BTC / USD chart
Source: TradingView

This morning, the moving average limited further growth in the price of Bitcoin (BTC). In the morning the pair will try to find a place in a horizontal range using the $ 37,150 level.

In the event of a break above the average price level, the pair could continue to recover to the $ 42,447 level. If the bears pull the price below $ 37,150, the $ 36,000 level could serve as a support.

Bitcoin is being traded at $ 37,973 at the time of writing.


Unlike Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) has continued to rise, up 4% the last day after the correction.

ETH / USD chart
Source: TradingView

On the daily chart, Ethereum (ETH) is in a bullish trend as it successfully bounced off the $ 2,400 mark. The bears are losing their power, which is confirmed by declining sales trading volume. If ETH breaks above $ 2,650, the next target of $ 3,100 could be achieved soon.

Ethereum is trading at $ 2,592 at the time of writing.


XRP is the biggest winner on our list today, up 9%.

XRP / USD chart
Source: TradingView

As XRP tries to return to vitality at $ 1, XRP is bullish more than a bearish one. Altcoin is located in the region where most of the liquidity is focused, which means investors are building up strength for an upcoming big move. If XRP continues to trade above $ 0.90, there is a good chance it will reach the mirror level at $ 1.18 in a short time.

XRP is trading at $ 0.94 at the time of writing.

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