Bitcoin comment from Kraken CEO: I stand behind my ‘Lambo’ prediction

Jesse Powell, CEO of US-based Kraken, one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, said that he stands by his comment that the price of Bitcoin at the end of the year will be approximately the same as a Lamborghini. “You have to have an iron stomach to deal with crypto. Then your gains will be huge,” said Powell.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell said in an interview with Bloomberg that Bitcoin ‘s decline of more than 50 percent since May does not worry him:

“I stand by my previous Lamborghini interpretation. Right now you can get a ‘Lambo’ for the price of a Ford. For example, 37 thousand dollars. A lot of people are taking the bottom right now. I even asked ‘can I sell my kidneys?’ I think it’s illegal! People are now seeing the growth here. We’ve been through a lot of the same things. Crypto is like bullet trains in playgrounds. You have to have an iron stomach to endure, but if you can do this, you will earn big.

“Do not deposit your rent in cryptocurrencies”

Stating that people should not invest more money in crypto than they can give, Powell used the following statements:

“Don’t invest your rental money in crypto. Don’t give more than you can give. This is still a very risky investment. But when you look at the chart over time, you will see that you have won. 10 years ago Bitcoin was almost $1, now it’s over $30,000. I can say that it is a great investment for the long term”

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