EOS down 20%

With this move, the EOS market cap was $4.5262B, while the ratio of its value in the total cryptocurrency markets was 0.31%. The highest market capitalization of the EOS cryptocurrency was determined as $17.5290B.

EOS has been trading between $4.6613 and $5.2525 in the past 24 hours.EOS has slumped 23.92% in the past seven days, with 24-hour trading volume to be $2,3139B, or 1.81% by total volume. EOS has been trading between $4.6613 and $6.6960 in the past seven days.

EOS price is 79.70% lower than $22.98 on April 29, 2018.

Developments in the cryptocurrency markets

Bitcoin fell 12.66% and traded at $31,585.4.

Ethereum was down 15.10% to trade at $2,359.77.

Bitcoin market cap was measured at $593.4681B, or 41.06% of total market cap, while Ethereum total market cap was $275.7951B, or 19,08% of total market cap.

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