Giant Bitcoin exchange Poloniex goes into maintenance on the wallets of these altcoins

Poloniex exchange tweeted that it is again deactivating TRX and ETH wallets as well as XRP wallet for maintenance. California -based Poloniex exchange tweeted that it is disabling crypto wallets for maintenance. These wallets contain XRP, TRX and TRC-20, ETH and ERC-20 addresses.

Deposits and withdrawals are suspended

Coin deposits and withdrawals are disabled until further notice.

Earlier this week, the exchange temporarily closed its BCH and DOT wallets for the same reason. On Monday, May 24, the XRP wallet was also temporarily disabled, meaning XRP wallets went into maintenance for the second time in the past seven days.In the first maintenance, it took the Poloniex team a day to fix their XRP wallets .

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