Google lost that chance in Europe

Google is changing the way the Android search engine selection screen works in Europe. Here’s Google’s new way of working.

In a blog post, Google said, following competitors’ complaints about the pay-to-play model, Android is changing the way the search engine selection screen works in Europe. The new mode of operation, 2018 Google ‘s $ 5 billion a record antitrust been designed to offer an alternative to the search engines then sentenced.

According to the new selection screen, the search engine selection will be visible to users when an Android device is first installed. The search giant will offer it for free starting September . Search engines will be included and the number of services to be displayed on the selection screen will increase.

A feature used in the web version of Google Meet is also available for the Android version as of today.

Google’s dominance is coming to an end

Currently the selection screen contains only four search providers. One of these search providers is Google and the other three are selected through a closed bid auction process. Each of the search providers “specifies the price they are willing to pay each time the user chooses from the selection screen,” and then Google selects the three highest bidders over the minimum bid threshold, then displays them on the screen in a random order.

After the changes, which will apply to all devices sold in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom , Google will display up to 12 providers in the search selection screen, and none of them will have to pay to be involved. The top five web analytics services will have the most popular engines in a given country, displayed in a random order, as determined by StatCounter .

Below them, Google will show up to seven more providers in a random order. Also, Google states that if there are more than seven providers to choose from, seven random selections will be displayed when the selection screen is shown.

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