New Macbook Pro processor leaked!

The new Macbook Pro, which is said to be introduced soon, has been leaked with its processor. The information, based on the official source, reveals the name of the Apple M1 successor.

Apple’s start to produce ARM-based processors was a revolution in its own right. We have seen the power of the Apple M1 processor in the Mac mini, iMac, Macbook Air and iPad Pro models introduced since last year . The name of the second generation of ARM-based Apple processors has been wondering for a while. The name of the Apple M1 successor, which is said to be the new Macbook Pro processor , has been confirmed.

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The new Macbook Pro will come with the Apple M1X processor

It has been talked about for a while that the new Macbook Pro will be introduced at the WWDC 2021 event. It looks like we will see one more surprise from the event, which will end on June 11th. WWDC 2021’s announcement in a video on YouTube tags clearly shows that Apple’s next ARM processor M1X will have to be found and a new Macbook Pro.

new macbook pro
Tags of the official WWDC 2021 video on YouTube

Until now, it was said that the processor of the new Macbook Pro would be Apple M2 or M1X . It seems that the predictions of those who said it would be M1X turned out to be correct . Since the M1 was released last year, we do not expect a change in production technology. Still, we expect a powerful processor that can deliver a battery life worthy of the Macbook Pro name.

WWDC 2021 started on June 7 and will run until June 11 . For the remaining two days, we will keep our eyes peeled for the new Macbook Pro. Another exciting claim apart from the processor of the device is that the display technology will be mini-LED . We’ve seen this display technology on the 12.9-inch variant of the iPad Pro, and it did pretty well.

To sum up, our main expectation is that the new generation Macbook Pro will meet a new generation processor and a good screen. We’ll see what other surprises Apple has to offer in the next two days .

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