Property Sold in Miami at Record Price in Cryptocurrency

A Miami property sets a record for the highest price paid in cryptocurrency in a real estate sale transaction

A Miami property has set a record for the highest price paid in cryptocurrency in a real estate sale transaction : $22.5 million. It was not disclosed which digital assets the anonymous buyer used to purchase.

The sale, which also broke Miami’s price per square foot record, comes just days after the city hosted the world’s largest crypto event, the Bitcoin 2021 conference. Sapir Corp developer Giovanni Fasciano had this to say about the acquisition:

“We are writing Miami real estate history with this sale. Cryptocurrencies are the future of wealth and we believe this is just the beginning.”

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex has partnered with Thai property developer One.Six to facilitate cryptocurrency payments for unfinished luxury apartments in Southeast Asia. Speaking to the Business Times, One.Six’s Chawin Athakravisunthorn said:

“By offering cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment, we are able to be more attractive and we are making more entry into this [younger] market where buyers can be successful with crypto investments.”

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