The firm that said ‘I will buy it for $ 400 million’ raised Bitcoin

When MicroStrategy decided to buy $400 million worth of Bitcoin, there was a 3% increase in Bitcoin.

After MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor announced that he would buy $400 million in Bitcoin, there was a 3% rise in Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor, CEO of the US-based company MicroStrategy, announced on his Twitter account that MicroStrategy will purchase $ 400 million in bitcoin. “MicroStrategy has announced a $400 million bond offer to buy additional Bitcoin,”  Saylor shared .Immediately after Michael Saylor’s share, there was a 3 percent increase in Bitcoin. 

According to the statement made by MicroStrategy, the total principal of $ 400 million will all be invested in Bitcoin. To buy new Bitcoin, MicroStrategy will sell more debt securities. 

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