The project from Google that brings your online and video chat to you in three dimensions: Starline

Google’s Starline project brings together two people who make a video call with the video conference method, almost physically.

Technology is advancing so much every day that we cannot say that what happened in a science fiction movie we watched a few years ago will not happen after a few months. Unimaginable innovations have started to come true and penetrate our daily lives. Google ‘s new project, Starline , is an innovation that we can count in this context, because Starline brings two people who make video calls together physically with the video conference method. 

Google recently introduced Project Starline, a hologram-like video chat tool that makes the person you’re talking to seem like they’re in the same room . In fact, at this point, you are of course not the other person you are with, but just a stand. The cameras and sensors in these stands seem to transmit you to the other party in real size and allow you to see almost all the details of the person you are talking to. 

Cameras and sensors capture your view and your movements from multiple viewpoints, and these images are transmitted to a similar cabinet in a different room. As a result, you see the person you are interviewing on a luminous field screen, a technology that works by radially cutting the volume of an image. The sound of the other party is transmitted not through a loudspeaker, but in a way that spreads to the whole area; which means you can hear the other person’s voice just as if they were in the same room. 

Image Source: Google

The images in Project Starline’s sample video look extremely impressively realistic. However, we can say that this technology is not yet ready for widespread use. Personally, the first thing that struck me while watching the video was whether the internet connection would be suitable for this. It is still too early to find out the answers to such questions, but we can say that this is a project that excites us who grew up with cartoons like The Jetsons, movies like Back to the Future or books by Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick.

It is not known whether Starline can really be brought to life, but if this is possible, we can say that we do not expect a different future from the movies we watch.

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