Valve prepares to compete against Nintendo Switch

Valve is allegedly working on a new game console that will rival the Nintendo Switch. SteamPal is coming!

Changing our game buying habits with the digital game store, Valve continues its efforts in hardware. The company, which has experimented with products such as Steam controllers and Steam consoles in the past , has now come up with an unexpected product.

Valve is allegedly working on a portable game console similar to Nintendo Switch . The console, which is expected to be directly linked to Steam , is expected to appear soon.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Nintendo’s new Switch may have an NVIDIA GPU that supports Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS).

Valve develops a portable handheld console

Valve , which has been known to be working on new hardware for a while , came up with a claim that excited users. The company, which changed the source codes of Steam last Tuesday, added a new device called SteamPal to its codes. This new product, which is not known yet, is thought to be an emphasis on the English word ” Palm ” in the Pal part of its name . This case supports the company’s claims that it is working on the handheld console.

Not much details are known about SteamPal , which is expected to be a rival to the Nintendo Switch . However, some leaks give some clues, albeit limited. The highly anticipated handheld console will use a Linux -based operating system and be compatible with the Steam store. The company, which will not include any keyboard, will instead offer a touchscreen and an internal game controller like Joy-con .

The technical features of the handheld console, which is in the prototype stage, are similarly mysterious. However , the company, which is not expected to use an external GPU , is expected to turn to Intel or AMD instead of Nvidia . It is a matter of curiosity how successful the company will be with this product.

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